Whiten Teeth, Can Do at Home

Posted by Donny Christian Saturday, March 9, 2013 6 comments
White teeth would be everyone's dream. Now, there are many ways to make teeth whiter. Want an instant way or time consuming? Just choose.

Color white teeth can be lost due to food, drinks, and smoking habits. "Often consume antibiotics containing tetracycline can also affect teeth color ," said Drg. Lita Darmawan of Clinical Kharinta, Bintaro.

Three Says Whiten Teeth
Want fast or long? The process of teeth whitening you can choose according your budget and needs.

1. Bleaching with Gel
The first step, the doctor will print a sample tray (teeth container) for manufacturing in the laboratory. Once the tray is ready, teeth whitening gel can be done at home. Jut apply the whitening gel in the tray, then put the tray on the teeth. "Bleaching is carried out during the night. In the morning, the tray can be removed, and then brush your teeth and wash the tray," said Lita. If done for three consecutive days, the coveted white teeth will soon be held.

2. Bleaching with Laser
Bleaching is the way it should with the help of a dentist. Before the process, gums were protected. After that, the teeth irradiated with a beam of high enough, then rinsed and irradiated again. The changes will be visible only within 0.5 - 1 hour.

3. Bleaching with Bleach Tape
Bleaching with tape only takes half an hour and the result only lasted a few days. In the process, masking tape affixed to the teeth whitening for half an hour. Once removed, the tooth will appear to be whiter. "The price of a package quite expensive." says Lita.

There are four classes of teeth color, namely A, B, C, and D. "Teeth in class A is a yellowish teeth. Teeth white is a Class B, C and D categories are grayish-brown teeth," said Lita.
Each class consists of 5 strips. Your dentist will determine where the grade of your teeth and raise two strips to make it look more white. Suppose you are in class A2 then raised two strips to A4.

Teeth whitening is not done in children, because children have a tooth that is still quite wide, so the more vulnerable the irritation and feeling pains. Typically, bleaching done in people over the age of 15 years in which the state of his teeth already established.

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Knowing Chiropractic, Disease Missing Thanks to the Massage

Posted by Donny Christian Tuesday, March 5, 2013 6 comments
The central nervous system regulate every organ system, via nerve cables protected by spine. Spine is sort of substations for 31 pairs of nerves. "These nerves exit through small openings in the spine to various muscles, organs, and even the skin tissue," said Dr.. Anthony K. Dawson, DC Chiropractic Clinic in Indonesia.

The spine is composed of 24 bones (vertebrae) separated by pads respectively, and are connected with 12 pairs of ribs and hundreds of ligaments and muscle tissue. If there is subluxation (spinal shift), then the nervous system will wound and energy flow to the organ is interrupted. Because of the complexity of the arrangement of the spine, even normal movement of the spine can also cause interference. "For example, fell, lifting weights, movement on one side are repeated, wrong body posture can interfere with the mechanism of the spine," said the doctor, usually called Tony.

If the bearing outlet nerves healthy and good, then the entire system will work fine too. Doctor graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic, the U.S. is continuing, chiropractic helps restore movement and position of the spine is not functioning properly. "Chiropractic reduces interference to the nervous system with special care to improve the function and structure," he continued.

Regular Checks
The inventor of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer (U.S.), first time make adjustments to people with a hearing loss (deafness) due to a neck injury, 1895. Before the adjustment, the examination to determine the patient's medical history. "Did you ever have an accident, how the pattern of his life, including diet and exercise," says Tony.

In addition to medical history, also check posture, bone specific analysis, thermography, and others. "X-rays are also done, not only to determine the condition and composition of spinal alignment, but also to help detect the possible presence of other diseases that are hidden," explains Tony.

Tony guarantee chiropractic is very safe, even for pregnant women and children. "Prior to adjustment, we check first . Only that should not be dealt with are people who have severe bone cancer," Tony said, adding, only 5-10 percent of patients who come in without complaint. "The rest is definitely the complaints."

According to Tony, the habit went to the doctor after a complaint is wrong. "Let's not wait until the disease came. Could be a small problem, but after a long time would be great. Lot of people who came late, after a severe illness. Could be that people are not sick, but apparently spine tilt. Two weeks later the pain disappeared, but spine remains skewed. Lama-old damaged bearings and pinching the nerve. "

Adjustment first thing Tony did to relieve pain (relieve). "The next two weeks to stabilize the condition. Afterwards, rebuild the affected spinal area. Nah, so the movement of the spine has to be better, should be checked regularly. This will make optimal spinal function, thereby allowing the body to function well (wellness), "said Anthony.

Different Ways
In addition to west chiropractic as practiced by Tony, there is also a east chiropractic (China). "The goal is the same, just in a slightly different way of handling. Way to disconnect the pressure on the nerve is different, no nonsense crick. We usually do a light massage to relax the muscles first," said dr. (TCM) Lee Chen Tung of Clinical Shanghai, Jakarta.According Lee, the purpose of chiropractic is to normalize and balance the spine, with the release pressure on the nerves in the spine. "We believe that all diseases related to nerves in the spine," said Lee, who started introducing chiropractic in Indonesia since 1999.

lHampir all spinal nerves are on and about 70-80% of illnesses or complaints generally come from problems in the spine. "All the organs of the body have a control on the nerves located in the spinal cord. If a nerve is depressed, the surrounding area was definitely nervous," he continued. For example, people are often bent, must have had a problem in the waist. He also would have had problems in the back, or tightness in the chest, because his muscles are constantly interested. The slope of the segment of the spine can result in nervous system function and chaos making organ in the body so it is not healthy.

Disease or disorder that can be treated with chiropractic most nerve-related, ranging from headaches, migraines, back pain, ulcers, asthma, stuttering, pain, squeezed nerve, to menstrual pain. "Menstrual pain occurs due to impaired blood circulation due to impaired nerve. We fix the nerves associated with the area around the stomach to release the pressure," said Lee.

Treatment or therapy is done depends complaint. "If you can handle a headache fast, painless and highly effective," said Lee. The first one is to see the movement of patients, adjusted for complaints he made. "From the movement will be seen, where the disturbed area. From there we're looking to do. Example, lumbago. Having seen the movement of patients, we can expect the problem lies in which bone. If necessary, we are strengthened by x-rays to be more certain."

After the interference is found, treatment was carried out. Just like the west chiropractic, treatment with east chiropractic doest not seek crick sound. "We used to make the patient relax with a massage to relax the nerves. Goal that leaves no damage / injury in the muscle," said Lee, who combines chiropractic clinic in Shanghai with Chinese medicine, namely light therapy and acupuncture. "For continued care in the home, can be conducted by swimming and gymnastics with certain movements."

Just like Tony, Lee also stressed the need for chiropractic for healthy people. "To balance the organs to work properly. Human is not a robot. During our move, there must be a shift in the composition of the bone and nerves in the spine." If accumulated, the complaint will appear.

What is clear, he added, chiropractic no side effects. "Chiropractic is safe, really. Chiropractic also does not make the condition more and become heavy." Only, unlike Tony, Lee does not recommend people with osteoporosis to do with chiropractic treatment. "Also, people with skin diseases, pregnant women, and especially people with bone cancer. Children under six years are also not allowed."

Characteristic of Bone Problem
Is your spine healthy? Dr. Anthony K. Dawson gives a few things that could be a sign your spine problems.
  • Rapid wear shoes heels, but not the same between the right and the left.
  • Unable to breathe with relief.
  • The lower jaw often reads "click."
  • You often play the neck or spine or other joints to make a sound "crick."
  • Unable to rotate / move the head or waist from one side to the other with ease.
  • Easy lethargy / fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and susceptible to disease.
  • Feet pointed outward when walking.
  • One leg appears shorter than the next.
  • Bad posture.
  • Headache, pain in the spine, stiffness / pain in the muscles or joints.
  • Stiffness in the back and neck.
  • In general, often feel uncomfortable or unwell.

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Tips to Get Quality Sleep

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Get enough sleep at night is important for health. Adults require at least 6 to 8 hours to sleep for refresh your mind and body.

Here are some tips so that your sleep quality:
  • Reduce your intake of caffeine as a whole, as contained in coffee, tea, or chocolate. Early dinner or at least two hours before bedtime so that digestion is not working too hard.
  • Avoid working too hard, because it can stimulate the hormone cortisol, which normally rise in the morning to prepare the body for activity. However, if triggered by the energy-consuming activities, this hormone will emerge more quickly and you will wake up in the middle of the night.
  • An hour before bedtime, doing activities such as listening to soothing music, meditation, yoga, warm baths or lull your baby. Avoid discussions or talks gasped with children or husband. You can discuss it in the morning when your mind and body fresh again.
  • Lay the body in a comfortable place, and little by little loosen any part of the body while imagining a pleasant place.
  • Make sure you consume enough magnesium and calcium, a mineral that helps relieve stress and prevent depression. Every day, your body requires at least 320 mg of magnesium and 1000 mg calcium. Foods containing magnesium include nuts, tuna, spinach, oatmeal, bananas, oranges or strawberries. While calcium is contained in some green vegetables, dairy products, sardines, nuts and tofu.
  • And, do not forget to pray to God that you are given protection and strength to face tomorrow.

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Happy with Simple Ways

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Everyone want happy live. However, for some people, happiness is sometimes never came, so it was "expensive." In fact, according to Gde Prama in a seminar on The Starting Point of Beauty and Happiness, happiness can be achieved with a few easy ways:
  • True happiness does not come from outside, but inside ourselves. Learn to accept yourself as you are, so you can feel the true happiness.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others. Every human being is born with their own uniqueness and advantages. And there is no better life, but can be yourself.
  • Learn to give a sense of sincerity. Do not expect a reply, as it will only bring disappointment if you do not get it. You can start with simple things, such as always smile or pay attention to the people around, so people will feel comfortable around you
  • Look at every adversity in a positive way. It will bring beauty and happiness. The more you are able to overcome difficulty, you appear more "radiant" with the power you have.
  • Do not set too high living standard. Know the limits of your ability, and you will find it to be a perfect human being and meaning.
  • Get rid of fear, bring to God. Enjoy and love the little things around you that can bring happiness, like listening to the sound of birds in the morning or humming.

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Preventing Food Poisoning at Home

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Food poisoning, which will also lead to more serious illness caused by food are known in medical terms as a gastrointestinal disorder, which is caused by eating contaminated food.
Often, food poisoning occur because the food is not handled properly, it is not cooked properly, or not stored properly. Well, here are some tips that can help you reduce the chances of food poisoning.

Wash hands, cooking utensils and cutlery on a regular basis, and prior to use. You often hear instead, maintain and use cooking equipment and utensils are clean to prevent contamination - transfer of harmful bacteria from one surface to the other surface.
In the event of the spread of harmful bacteria in your hands, cooking utensils and cutlery, you stand a greater chance to absorb those microorganisms and becoming ill.
So, wash your hands and family with warm water and soap before and after preparing food, especially after handling raw beef, chicken, fish, shellfish, or eggs. Then, use hot water and soap to wash cooking utensils and cutlery used.

When shopping, separate raw foods with food and other groceries. This prevents cross-contamination from one food to another. Here's a guide:
  • Separate the meat and poultry products from the rest of your groceries.
  • Wrap raw meat tightly in order to leaking juices will not contaminate other foods.
  • Use separate cutting boards for raw meat and ready to eat foods, such as bread and vegetables.
  • Use different plates for raw meat and foods that have been cooked.

Cook all your food until completely cooked! Remember, bacteria-contaminated foods usually look and smell normal normal too. The best way to know if meat, poultry, or eggs are thoroughly cooked is to use a food thermometer.
With a thermometer, you can find out for sure if you cook the food has reached a temperature sufficient to kill bacteria. You can kill harmful organisms in almost all dishes when cooked at temperatures between 60-82 degrees Celsius.

Harmful bacteria can reproduce rapidly when food is not properly stored in the refrigerator. Refrigerate or freeze perishable foods within two hours after purchase.
If the room temperature is above 90 degrees F, refrigerate perishable foods within 1 hour after purchase. Freeze beef, chicken, fish, and shellfish if you plan to eat it within two days. Freeze beef, chicken, or pork within 3-5 days.

Bacteria can reproduce rapidly in beef, chicken, and fish at room temperature. So, remove the defrost food safely by using one of the methods below:
  • In the refrigerator. Tightly wrap the beef, chicken, and fish so that water does not drip on other food. Once defrosted, use beef, chicken, and fish within 1-2 days.
  • In the microwave. Use the defrost or set the position to defrost completely. When the beef, chicken, or fish is in pieces, separate them during the thawing process to ensure clot ice disappeared, and cook the meat immediately after thawing .
  • In cold water. Soak the sealed food in cold water and change the water every 30 minutes. Alternatively, place the sealed food under cold running water. Immediately cook the food, after thawing.

Harmful bacteria can grow rapidly when prepared food is left with no heating or cooling, especially if you have a party buffet or a garden party. Here are some tips for preparing and providing food safe:
  • Discard leftovers stored at room temperature for more than 2 hours or in hot weather for more than 1 hour.
  • If cold food should be left for more than 2 hours, put ice in the bottom of the food had to keep them cool. Replace ice as it melts.
  • If hot food must be kept for more than 2 hours, use a heater at the bottom of the food had to keep it hot.

If you are not sure of the food you will eat has been prepared, served or stored safely, discard it. Table scraps are left too long at room temperature can contain bacteria or toxin that is not easy to die, despite being cooked.
Do not taste food that you're unsure about whether or not! You should throw it. Even if it looks and smells fine, it may not be safe to eat.

Food poisoning is very dangerous, especially for children, pregnant women and their fetuses, older adults, and people with weakened immune systems. They have a risk of serious health problems from food poisoning and had to take extra precautions to avoid the following foods:
  • The beef and chicken meat Raw or undercooked.
  • Fish and shellfish raw or undercooked.
  • Eggs and raw or undercooked foods. Or, foods containing eggs, raw food or undercooked.
  • Some raw vegetables such as bean sprouts, green beans, and turnips raw.
  • Juice and apple juice are not sterile.
  • Dairy products are not sterile.
  • Cheese that is not sterile.
  • Fast food or sandwich meat that is not cooked.

And as a form of prevention of food poisoning, the point is to keep hot foods stay hot, keep cold food cool, and most important is to maintain hygiene, especially hand. If you follow these basic rules, you are less likely to be food poisoning.

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How To Easily Obtain Iron

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Research shows that about 89 percent of women consume less iron than recommended amounts.

Iron deficiency anemia will make someone fell ill or less blood, so easily tired, easily forgotten and pale. Actually, there is an easy way to obtain iron.
  • Drink a glass of orange juice before eating green vegetables which rich in iron, and you will get three times more iron.
  • Avoid drinking tea and coffee at dinner, because tannin and caffeine will interfere with the absorption of iron. You can replace it with green tea or herbal tea instead.
  • Red meat, whole grain breads, beans, cereals, and green leafy vegetables are sources of iron. So, eat a lot.

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7 Drugs that Should Not Given to Children

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Compared to adults, children are generally more susceptible to allergies or a reaction after taking prescription medication from a doctor or a drug that can be bought freely. If left unchecked, can lead to serious illness.

Therefore, prevented before anything happens. Here are seven oabat drugs that should be avoided to be given to children.

1. Aspirin
Never once did give aspirin to children or other medications containing aspirin. Aspirin can make children susceptible to disease Reye's syndrome, a disease that is rare but can be fatal if exposed. Do not ever think that children drug sold in pharmacies free of aspirin. So read carefully and cautiously label / caption these drugs. When in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

2. Anti-nausea medications
Unless recommended or prescribed by a doctor, do not ever give your child anti-nausea medications. Generally the urge to vomit was only a minute and the child can handle without having to take medication. Anti-nausea medications have an increased risk of complications and other adverse side effects. So, once again, do not give the child medication without doctor's recommendations. If your child is feeling nausea and dehydration symptoms, please contact your family doctor.

3. Medicine for adults
Giving children drugs that are intended for adults although the dose was dangerous! If there is no information that the drug should not be given to children with a certain dose (half or just once a day, for example) do not give!

4. Not the name
Avoid giving drug from prescription given to someone else and not on behalf of the little guy. Its also dangerous is giving drugs assuming the disease symptoms similar to the disease that was suffered by the child. Healing becomes ineffective and even harmful. Give specific drug intended only for her with special conditions as well.

5. Expired
Remove all kinds of drugs or prescription or over the counter so the time limit runs out. After the validity period runs out, the drug will not work effectively even be dangerous. Do not dispose of medications in the toilet because it can make contaminated water so that the effect on drinking water. Do not forget, before disposing of drugs, tightly closed bottle or packaging.

6. Contain acetaminophen
Many-counter medicines for fever or cough containing acetaminophen. So, be careful and thorough information on the packaging before buying. If in doubt, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

7. Chewable tablets
For children younger than 3 years, the tablet is chewed often make choking, swallowing the drug, and his throat was clogged. If you give a chewable tablet, you should puree / shear zones first, put it in a spoon. Can also be mixed with foods such as yogurt or a banana, but you must make sure that, the child can take the rest of the spoon so that the administered dose was sufficient alias so that no trace of the drug could work effectively fight the disease.

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