Tips to Get Quality Sleep

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Get enough sleep at night is important for health. Adults require at least 6 to 8 hours to sleep for refresh your mind and body.

Here are some tips so that your sleep quality:
  • Reduce your intake of caffeine as a whole, as contained in coffee, tea, or chocolate. Early dinner or at least two hours before bedtime so that digestion is not working too hard.
  • Avoid working too hard, because it can stimulate the hormone cortisol, which normally rise in the morning to prepare the body for activity. However, if triggered by the energy-consuming activities, this hormone will emerge more quickly and you will wake up in the middle of the night.
  • An hour before bedtime, doing activities such as listening to soothing music, meditation, yoga, warm baths or lull your baby. Avoid discussions or talks gasped with children or husband. You can discuss it in the morning when your mind and body fresh again.
  • Lay the body in a comfortable place, and little by little loosen any part of the body while imagining a pleasant place.
  • Make sure you consume enough magnesium and calcium, a mineral that helps relieve stress and prevent depression. Every day, your body requires at least 320 mg of magnesium and 1000 mg calcium. Foods containing magnesium include nuts, tuna, spinach, oatmeal, bananas, oranges or strawberries. While calcium is contained in some green vegetables, dairy products, sardines, nuts and tofu.
  • And, do not forget to pray to God that you are given protection and strength to face tomorrow.

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Title: Tips to Get Quality Sleep
Posted by Donny Christian
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