Happy with Simple Ways

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Everyone want happy live. However, for some people, happiness is sometimes never came, so it was "expensive." In fact, according to Gde Prama in a seminar on The Starting Point of Beauty and Happiness, happiness can be achieved with a few easy ways:
  • True happiness does not come from outside, but inside ourselves. Learn to accept yourself as you are, so you can feel the true happiness.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others. Every human being is born with their own uniqueness and advantages. And there is no better life, but can be yourself.
  • Learn to give a sense of sincerity. Do not expect a reply, as it will only bring disappointment if you do not get it. You can start with simple things, such as always smile or pay attention to the people around, so people will feel comfortable around you
  • Look at every adversity in a positive way. It will bring beauty and happiness. The more you are able to overcome difficulty, you appear more "radiant" with the power you have.
  • Do not set too high living standard. Know the limits of your ability, and you will find it to be a perfect human being and meaning.
  • Get rid of fear, bring to God. Enjoy and love the little things around you that can bring happiness, like listening to the sound of birds in the morning or humming.

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Title: Happy with Simple Ways
Posted by Donny Christian
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