Whiten Teeth, Can Do at Home

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White teeth would be everyone's dream. Now, there are many ways to make teeth whiter. Want an instant way or time consuming? Just choose.

Color white teeth can be lost due to food, drinks, and smoking habits. "Often consume antibiotics containing tetracycline can also affect teeth color ," said Drg. Lita Darmawan of Clinical Kharinta, Bintaro.

Three Says Whiten Teeth
Want fast or long? The process of teeth whitening you can choose according your budget and needs.

1. Bleaching with Gel
The first step, the doctor will print a sample tray (teeth container) for manufacturing in the laboratory. Once the tray is ready, teeth whitening gel can be done at home. Jut apply the whitening gel in the tray, then put the tray on the teeth. "Bleaching is carried out during the night. In the morning, the tray can be removed, and then brush your teeth and wash the tray," said Lita. If done for three consecutive days, the coveted white teeth will soon be held.

2. Bleaching with Laser
Bleaching is the way it should with the help of a dentist. Before the process, gums were protected. After that, the teeth irradiated with a beam of high enough, then rinsed and irradiated again. The changes will be visible only within 0.5 - 1 hour.

3. Bleaching with Bleach Tape
Bleaching with tape only takes half an hour and the result only lasted a few days. In the process, masking tape affixed to the teeth whitening for half an hour. Once removed, the tooth will appear to be whiter. "The price of a package quite expensive." says Lita.

There are four classes of teeth color, namely A, B, C, and D. "Teeth in class A is a yellowish teeth. Teeth white is a Class B, C and D categories are grayish-brown teeth," said Lita.
Each class consists of 5 strips. Your dentist will determine where the grade of your teeth and raise two strips to make it look more white. Suppose you are in class A2 then raised two strips to A4.

Teeth whitening is not done in children, because children have a tooth that is still quite wide, so the more vulnerable the irritation and feeling pains. Typically, bleaching done in people over the age of 15 years in which the state of his teeth already established.

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Title: Whiten Teeth, Can Do at Home
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Everyone can do that. My austin cosmetic dentistry clinic always tells me that we can actually do this as long as we have consulted our dentists.

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