7 Drugs that Should Not Given to Children

Posted by Donny Christian Monday, February 4, 2013 3 comments
Compared to adults, children are generally more susceptible to allergies or a reaction after taking prescription medication from a doctor or a drug that can be bought freely. If left unchecked, can lead to serious illness.

Therefore, prevented before anything happens. Here are seven oabat drugs that should be avoided to be given to children.

1. Aspirin
Never once did give aspirin to children or other medications containing aspirin. Aspirin can make children susceptible to disease Reye's syndrome, a disease that is rare but can be fatal if exposed. Do not ever think that children drug sold in pharmacies free of aspirin. So read carefully and cautiously label / caption these drugs. When in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

2. Anti-nausea medications
Unless recommended or prescribed by a doctor, do not ever give your child anti-nausea medications. Generally the urge to vomit was only a minute and the child can handle without having to take medication. Anti-nausea medications have an increased risk of complications and other adverse side effects. So, once again, do not give the child medication without doctor's recommendations. If your child is feeling nausea and dehydration symptoms, please contact your family doctor.

3. Medicine for adults
Giving children drugs that are intended for adults although the dose was dangerous! If there is no information that the drug should not be given to children with a certain dose (half or just once a day, for example) do not give!

4. Not the name
Avoid giving drug from prescription given to someone else and not on behalf of the little guy. Its also dangerous is giving drugs assuming the disease symptoms similar to the disease that was suffered by the child. Healing becomes ineffective and even harmful. Give specific drug intended only for her with special conditions as well.

5. Expired
Remove all kinds of drugs or prescription or over the counter so the time limit runs out. After the validity period runs out, the drug will not work effectively even be dangerous. Do not dispose of medications in the toilet because it can make contaminated water so that the effect on drinking water. Do not forget, before disposing of drugs, tightly closed bottle or packaging.

6. Contain acetaminophen
Many-counter medicines for fever or cough containing acetaminophen. So, be careful and thorough information on the packaging before buying. If in doubt, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

7. Chewable tablets
For children younger than 3 years, the tablet is chewed often make choking, swallowing the drug, and his throat was clogged. If you give a chewable tablet, you should puree / shear zones first, put it in a spoon. Can also be mixed with foods such as yogurt or a banana, but you must make sure that, the child can take the rest of the spoon so that the administered dose was sufficient alias so that no trace of the drug could work effectively fight the disease.

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Title: 7 Drugs that Should Not Given to Children
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