Right Sitting Position, Right Posture

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The wrong sitting position often trigger complaints that could result in disruption of posture. No wonder if now appears ergonomic chairs are created to adjust the body shape. But imported ergonomic chairs, not necessarily suit us.

So, how do the correct sitting position?
  • Sit up straight, back tightly into the seat. The chair should be low enough so that the foot can tread to the floor with your knees higher than your thighs.
  • Head straight ahead, not down. If you work a long time in front of a typewriter or computer, bring chairs to the table to maintain an upright sitting position.
  • If you feel your lower back curved down, cross your legs or put both legs on a stool.

Tips To Keep Good Posture
  • Keeping good posture is very important to keep it. What should be considered?
  • Concentration throughout the day that the three curves back can remain balanced.
  • Keep ideal weight. Excess weight will make your back muscles are interested in the future, so that will make your stomach muscles tight and weak.
  • Avoid doing one position for long periods of time because it will make the muscles tense and weak from not used for the move.
  • Do not use too large pillow or a few pillows at a time while sleeping. Try sleeping on a bed with just enough cushion to keep the neck curve remained normal.
  • Exercise regularly. This will create a strong and flexible muscles that maintain posture remains good.
  • Do not bend over without bending your knees when lifting heavy objects, can cause torn ligaments, bones bearing out, then the bones compress nerves and cause pain. When bent, the curve at the waist will disappear. The loss curve at the waist causes stretching of the muscles joints and connective tissue (ligaments) back of the waist, causing pain.
  • Use comfortable shoes. Avoid the use of high heels too often because in addition will change the shape of the foot, it will also make your back curve is no longer symmetric.
  • Get used to walk with good posture. Not to be like the military, but at least head up with your chin parallel to the ground, let your arms swing naturally (not artificial), and navigate straight leg fit your goals.
  • Carrying a backpack is also often a problem, especially if you do not know the correct way. Supposedly, place the bag in a low chair, then bend your knees, and sit in the chair while hang on both shoulders. After that, stand up. So, the burden is not imposed entirely on the waist and back. Thigh muscles helped work the other parts,

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Title: Right Sitting Position, Right Posture
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