Beware if Mood Changed Often

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Mood or emotion that often change suddenly be a natural thing for many women. However, if moody arising from bipolar disorder, beware!

That said, a psychiatric disorder that affects approximately 2.5 percent of the U.S. population (about 6 million people), it is often not understood as manic-depression. Instead people just think of it as depression. In fact, according to the psychiatrist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Irmansyah, manic-depression is a fatal disorder than depression.

Which is characteristic of this disorder are two very extreme mood conditions (depression and manic) that can be experienced by the patient. At one point he could feel very enthusiastic and excited. However, when his mood turned bad, he can be very depressed, to pessimism and despair.

And the cause, further Irmansyah, until now has not been established. However, some alleged associate this disorder with genetic factors, so when do the interview typically psychiatrist will also ask a family history of the patient.

Women More Vulnerable
Bipolar disorder usually appear when someone has entered a phase of young adulthood is when he was about 15-24 years, and will continue to recur if you do not do therapy. This disorder can be triggered by many things happen in life that cause mood swings.

In the case of bipolar disorder, mood changes can occur gradually or suddenly. It can also happen slowly, to the extreme. In the classical type, mood changes that occur not take place frequently, only about 1 or 2 periods of mood (either manic or depressive) a year. While the type of rapid-cycling bipolar disorder, mood changes that occur can take drastic and extreme, and this can happen more than 4 times a year.

This is what causes people to be difficult to understand why a spouse or colleague suddenly very depressed. In fact, he was a person who was very cheerful.

It's as if the sufferer unable to control mood he felt it. Or, too late with his own emotions in the atmosphere long enough period of time, can be weeks or even months. Sufferers may seem too eager, or too depressed in the period that is not normal.

And, because women have a more emotional side of the dominant paradigm, as well as its emotional instability, making it more likely to experience mood changes in day-to-day behavior. This condition is precisely what makes women more likely to experience manic-depression. Similarly, patients with clinical symptoms of bipolar disorder in women more visible than men.

"However, this disorder has nothing to do with the mood changes caused by the menstrual cycle in women," dismissed the notion Irmansyah if manic or depressive disorders may be linked to hormonal.

Symptoms is Difficult to Recognise
Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disorder is a condition where a person experiences a phase of depression and manic excess. Both the span of time, the emotional, and behavioral. And the symptoms are often regarded as just misbehaving.

"Usually people with bipolar disorder known when his family took him to a psychiatrist because of his behavior began to interfere. However, are not happy with that. Because he always feels true to what he does," said Irmansyah.

As for the phase of depression, symptoms of bipolar disorder patients will be more difficult to identify. Because, if you have not experienced the manic phase, more ordinary people take it as depression alone.

The term bipolar disorder, said Irmansyah, not as popular as the word depression. So, people do not know the symptoms of clinical depression is a symptom of bipolar disorder. And if someone has a second phase, sometimes ordinary people just assume, indeed, that the personality of the person. "In fact, bipolar disorder is not a matter of personality, you know. However, this is a disease!" Irmansyah firm.

"Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disorder actually is., And will certainly get worse if nothing is done the right therapy for patients with this disorder," Irmansyah confirmed. Therefore, the earlier bipolar disorder is diagnosed and treated, the greater the likelihood of suicide and behavioral abnormalities of patients can be reduced.

And the only treatment that can be done for patients with bipolar disorder is to prescribe anti-depressant and mood stabilizer, which should be consumed during manic or depressive attack. "This drug is symptomatic nature, but proved to be very effective in suppressing the fatal risk of bipolar disorder and rapid-cycle bipolar disorder," explained Irmansyah.

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Title: Beware if Mood Changed Often
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