Diet at the Office? Why Not!

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Weight control as well as math. To lose weight, we must burn more calories in the body.

Well, if you sit all day, barely moving the body plus many "hobby" aka eating small snack, then it is very difficult for you to get rid of the calories from the body. You can imagine what would happen the next 2-3 years, right? Well, that's not a bad dream come true, the following steps should you do during working hours.

1. Snacks
Many people like to snack while sitting at the computer. If you are one of them, be careful. Should take fruits and vegetables plus chilli and tomato sauce from home. It is recommended not to put snacks on the table, but keep it in a place not visible to the eye so you are not tempted. If this strategy does not work, bring moderation.

2. Simply drinking
By eating a healthy diet, do not forget to drink water at least 8 glasses while you are in office. Place a bottle of aqua glass and filled with fresh water at your desk.

3. Set lunch
Set lunch hour. You can eat some of the food for your lunch at 11:30, then about 3 pm when he feels hungry, can spend your afternoon meal. Schedule a lunch to avoid excessive eating. Very good if you can bring food from home for lunch, because then you can control the portions and know exactly how many calories you have consumed.

4. Limit servings
By setting up a lunch portion, you can control the portions. You have to know the portion sizes for foods prepared. For example, one ounce of meat about the size of a thumb, forefinger and middle finger, two to three ounces or less the same with the palm of the hand, and a cup cereal or rice is roughly equal to a handful of hand.

5. Move
Move your body even just a few minutes. Rose from his chair and move any time you can do it.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Go have lunch in a restaurant / cafeteria that distance is not too close to the office on foot, do not drive.
  • If you need to talk with co-workers, rather than sending e-mail or call, came toward him.
  • The car park is a bit far from the entrance.
  • Schedule exercise time on your calendar as you schedule an appointment with a client, which means you have to do.
  • Put bins away from the table so you have to walk to the trash.
  • Place the phone a bit far out of reach so that when the need to answer the phone, you can all relax your hand or even have to stand in order to reach them.

6. Sport
Perform exercise before starting and after finishing work to compensate for the lack of body movement while working behind the counter. If your office is not too far away from the residence, you should walk back and forth to the office. If not possible, than when you are wasted due to traffic, doing fitness after work and once you finish fitness, the roads were not jammed again and you can get home at the same time.

7. Invite co-workers
Invite co-workers to get together on a diet. Thus, you are able to provide support during business hours, together with eating a healthy diet at lunch, and exercising together at recess or after working hours.

You can try to form a group of sport / exercise or diet groups. Who knew the company would not mind if one room is used for gymnastics and provide equipment such as mats, dumber, and more.

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Title: Diet at the Office? Why Not!
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