Keeping Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition

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Fruits and vegetables are good for health. But the way you storing, cooking, and serving of fruit or vegetables can make the vitamins to be reduced. So that does not happen again, follow these instructions.
  • In order for red beans and peas are not much to lose vitamins contained in it, should be deposited with the skin until it is time to be used.
  • Vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, and kale require cold temperatures and high humidity to preserve all the vitamins and nutrients contained in them. Therefore keep it in the bag / container covered in the fridge, on the shelf / basin for vegetable / fruit.
  • The best place to store some types of vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes and other tropical fruits are at normal temperature but try not to direct sunlight as it will accelerate the decay.

How to prepare
  • Heat and water, both of which can reduce the vitamins and nutrients contained in the food. So, you should cook the food as quickly as possible and with little water. How to cook the best is to use a microwave, pan-fried, and steamed.
  • If you boil vegetables like tomatoes, that contain vitamins in it is not wasted and tomatoes mature faster, boiled water to the boil recently put tomatoes or vegetables with the fire continues to burn in order to quickly mature and not too time consuming that can make vitamin "lost" .
  • Wash vegetables quickly under the tap with running water. Or dip dip into the pot of water and then drain. Never soak them because water can dissolve the vitamin.
  • As much as possible, do not peel or remove the skin of fruits. Vitamin many gathered there or just under the skin, such as calcium, iron, and potassium. For example, if eating a large apple with skin, will contain 54 percent more iron than if imakan without skin.
  • Do not cut vegetables and fruits with a size too small because it will be easier to absorb air that could eliminate some vitamins in it.

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Title: Keeping Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition
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