Vitamin A, Not Just for Eyes

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The role of vitamin A for eye health is not a secret anymore. However, it turns out vitamin A still have many uses. One of them, reduce mortality and morbidity. Other than that?

Sources of Vitamin A
As with other vitamins, vitamin A can be obtained from anywhere. According to Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Khomsan, a nutritionist from IPB, the easiest source that can be obtained is of dark green vegetables.

"This is because it contains a lot of provitamin A (beta-carotene)," said the professor of IPB. The body will change the pro-vitamin A to vitamin A. "One molecule of beta-carotene can be converted into two molecules of vitamin A." Beta-carotene is abundant in spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and fruits are yellow orange.

As for other sources of animal origin are often called preformed vitamin A. Forms of preformed vitamin A include liver, kidney, butter, fortified margarine (the addition of certain substances in foods eg vitamin A), egg yolks, milk, and cheese.

Not Just for the Eyes
Vitamin A is very closely related to the eyes, it would have been widely known. "Yes, vitamin A is essential to help the integrity of the retina of the eye." Vitamin A deficiency will cause your eyes can not adjust to changes in light that enters the retina. As a consequence the beginning, there was a blind dusk, the eye is hard to see in the twilight.

Another use of vitamin A is to help the growth and development of the skeleton and tissue. "Because vitamin A helps the body protein synthesis and differentiation of bone cells (bone repair process)," said Ali.Vitamin A also serves as an anti-infective vitamin, because it can maintain the integrity of the mucous membrane (so that the cells in the body, especially the eye is not easy fragile).

Therefore, vitamin A deficiency can also lead to increased susceptibility to infections of bacteria and viruses. In other words, without vitamin A, the immune system will be lost, so that the body will be susceptible to disease.

Still Less
Currently, clinical, Indonesia was declared free of the problem of vitamin A. "In terms of consumption of vitamin A, we are still considered to be less," said Ali. Therefore, administration of high-dose vitamin A capsules is one effective way to prevent vitamin A deficiency in children.

Indeed, children especially babies and toddlers is the foundation of a broad scope, ie the population. "In fact, we have a problem with the kids, because often they do not want to eat vegetables, making it vulnerable to vitamin A deficiency," complained Ali. To handle this, parents can provide animal origin vitamin A. "Keep in mind, the consumption of vegetables provide vitamin A just a third benefit than the consumption of poultry or meat," said Ali.

Ali suggestions, do not hesitate to cook a source of vitamin A. "Vitamin A or beta-carotene relatively heat resistant, unlike vitamin C or B. Therefore, though cooked, its content of vitamin A remains high," call out Ali.

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Title: Vitamin A, Not Just for Eyes
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