Tips Reduce Fat Consumption

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Although fat needed by the body, but not good either if too much. There are some tips in order to reduce intake of fat into the body. Here are some tips.
  • If cooking a stir-fry meat and vegetables, cut 1/3 the amount of meat you normally use. Instead, add 1/3 the amount of vegetables.
  • To reduce the fat in the egg, instead of 1 egg, use 2 egg whites.
  • Use nonstick cooking utensils (frying pan or saucepan) that lets you cook without oil or just need a bit of oil, so it can reduce fat.
  • Get used to first measure the amount of oil to use for cooking / frying rather than directly poured into the pan. In addition to oil will not be absorbed a lot on food means less fat, its usage will be more economical.
  • To reduce the fat in milk, use low-fat evaporated milk if the recipe says to wear evaporated milk.

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Title: Tips Reduce Fat Consumption
Posted by Donny Christian
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