12 Steps Improve Memory

Posted by Donny Christian Monday, February 4, 2013 2 comments
You easily forget? It may be that your brain's ability to remember has begun to decline. Many things could be the cause, in addition to the age factor. But memory can really be improved. How?

1. Relaxation on a regular basis
One of the most effective ways to improve memory is to try to relax muscle tension throughout the body before learning something new. According to the expert, muscle relaxation can reduce the anxiety often felt by a person when trying to learn new things.

2. Listen to classical music
According to Dr. Ranscher and Dr Frances. Gordon Show, researchers from the University of California, U.S., who often listen to classical music will increase the ability of reasoning. According to the author of The Mozart Effect, Don Campbell, listening to classical music will also help memory and learning.

3. Organize your thoughts
Establish the sequence information (classified information) will make things easier to remember. It will also facilitate the brain to recall what they have learned and known.

4. Keep health
Of course, health problems can interfere with memory. A study shows that in a period of 25 years, men with hypertension will lose cognitive ability to double the normal blood pressure than men. Research also shows that at age 70's, one is not going to be easy cognitive decline if they remain physically active.

5. Challenge yourself
The brain produces a chemical neurotransmitter that carries messages between cells involved in memory. Availability of this neurotransmitter increases when the brain is often used to resolve the challenges that involves problem solving.

6. Get enough sleep
Lack of sleep can reduce a person's ability to remember complex information. Research at the University de Lille, France, indicates that the brain needs sleep to retain the ability to remember complex information.

7. Eat in moderation, less fat, drink
Choose foods that are low in fat and low in calories, and increase drinking water. Water can aid digestion and breathing, increase blood oxygen carrying capacity, and maintain cell health.

8. Engage emotions
Because the increase in the memory of an event closely associated with increased emotion. And emotional experience that much more memorable than ordinary experience.

9. Develop sensory acuity
Try practicing observation skills and learn to pay attention to something by using all of our senses. If you want to remember something, stop, look and take note of what we want to see.

10. Develop a positive mental attitude
Replace any negative mental attitude or self-criticism into a positive attitude, because it would lead to self-confidence that a positive effect on memory.

11. Regular exercise
In addition to improving physical strength, exercise can also help us to ensure the memory functions of oxygen and blood supply to the brain. Exercise also stimulates endorphins, the neurotransmitter associated with feelings of pleasure, which can increase happiness and lead to learning and memory.

12. Adequate rest
No less important is rest enough. In order to maximum the brain function, the brain needs a break to settle and consolidate memories. Resting brain required varies, depending on the complexity and novelty of information, as well as the experience of the person concerned. A good way is to give the brain a break of 3 to 10 minutes after brain activity for 10 to 50 minutes.

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Title: 12 Steps Improve Memory
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