Want to Slim? Wake More Early

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All this time, effort to get a slim body or losing weight has always been associated with efforts to adjust your diet and exercise. But, other than that actually there are many other factors that could affect efforts to lose weight.

Here is one of the practices of keeping the slimness of the body or maintain weight without dealing with food. For those of you who used to wake up in the morning, there is some exciting news related to the effort to maintain weight. A new study finds that people who wake up in the morning has a body slimmer, happier and healthier than those who sleep late.

Researchers at the Roehampton University concluded that people are able to fight off drowsiness in the morning able to perform a variety of tasks faster and better in the workplace. On the contrary, those who like to stay up late and sleep late had a higher chance to experience stress and become fat easily.

"There are the morning people and the evening people. The morning one tend to be healthier and happier, and have a lower body mass index, "said the researcher Dr. Joerg Huber, in a British Psychological Society conference.

So do not hesitate anymore to get up early will benefit your health. In addition you get the fresh morning air and the atmosphere was calm your mind, get up early also helps you maintain your weight. (Telegraph)

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Title: Want to Slim? Wake More Early
Posted by Donny Christian
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