Drinking Water Encourages Choosing Healthy Foods

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To maintain the health of our bodies, it is advisable to drink lots of water instead of soda or sugary drinks. But did you know that our choice to drink water will affect our choice of food we will eat?

Suggestion to drink lots of water proved to be more than just nourish the body, but also affects our mental state. As it turns out if we are drinking lots of water will make us tend to choose healthy foods.

In two recent studies led by Bettina Cornwell, PhD, of the University of Oregon and Dr.. Anna R. McAlister from Michigan State University pointed out that a simple decision about the choice of drinks can affect eating habits.

By involving 60 adults aged 19-23 years, the study came to the conclusion that the decision to drink soda triggers a person to eat salty foods and high-calorie. In line with the research to 75 pre-school children aged 3-5 years, it was found that most children who love to eat vegetables drinking more water than drinking juice or sugary drinks. Researchers then found, used to drink water from an early age could keep the health conditions of children in the rest of child’s life.

The results of these two studies help promote drinking water as a healthy way of life. This needs to be a habit in every family, in order that water be used as the primary choice when serving drinks accompanying food. In addition, you should reduce or minimize consumption of soda for the kids. (CNN)

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Title: Drinking Water Encourages Choosing Healthy Foods
Posted by Donny Christian
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