Drink Water Improve Intelligence

Posted by Donny Christian Tuesday, January 22, 2013 2 comments
What is the most popular beverages in the world? The answer is water, plain water more precisely. In addition to the effects on health and body function that is generally known, apparently water has other benefits recently known. Behind the freshness, the water not only effectively eliminate thirst, but also makes the students smoother at work on the problems.

According to a study of 447 students at the University of East London and Westminster University in the UK, it is known if bringing water into the exam room can produce better grades. Students who bring drinking water on average scored 5 percent better than students who do not bring drinking water. From this study also revealed that the top-level students who take more water than freshmen.

Dr. Chris Pawson, from the University of East London, who led the study, said that drinking water has a positive effect psychologically and eventually made the students can work with exam questions with more calm. Drinking water can also dispel the restless and anxious, two factors known to adversely affect the students at work on the problems.

While Dr. Mark Gardner of Westminster University said that the results of this study are very interesting and have a significant contribution. "Providing water can be a cheap and easy way to obtain better test scores," says Gardner.

So from now on, if you encounter a problem that requires brain power immediately, calm yourself by drinking a glass of water. And look at the effect on your intelligence. Cheap and easy. (BBC)

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Title: Drink Water Improve Intelligence
Posted by Donny Christian
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