Psoriasis, the Mysterious Often Ignored

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Originally Mutia not suspect that her excessive dandruff at age 16 is an early sign of skin disease that would make her suffer for 18 years.

Various products to eliminate dandruff shampoo has been tried. However, all to no result. Not to mention the problem of dandruff is complete, the skin of the neck and behind the ears suddenly peeled off small and gradually widening.

Finally, after seeing a doctor, "Fortunately immediately diagnosed as psoriasis she said.

In fact, what is psoriasis? According to dr. Danang Sp. KK, who is also Chairman of the Psoriasis Care Foundation Indonesia, psoriasis is a "disease of systemic (internal / inside) caused abnormalities in the immune system."

Danang explained, disease psoriasis is sometimes difficult to diagnose because symptoms similar to eczema outer (exposed skin looks inflamed and irritated). "Because of its resemblance, in the beginning people often ignore the symptoms," said Danang encountered Seminar Psoriasis, in Senayan, Indonesia, Sunday.

Another great feature of psoriasis is not exactly the same symptoms for each patient. "For example, itchy skin, not all people with psoriasis experienced," added Danang.

In general, the characteristics of psoriasis can be identified as follows. At first it looked like the skin of people with red spots widening. This condition is accompanied by the growth of large scale white-coated so that was thickened. What is not always onset scales all over the body but in certain parts. For example, on the elbows, knees, scalp, and nails.

Because of its residif (relapsing-remitting), the skin can immediately improve patient prosiasis like normal skin. This usually happens after the color was reddish skin turns white or black.

Why is that? Patients with psoriasis had moulting process very quickly. If normal skin turnover in humans lasts for 21-28 days, in patients with psoriasis can occur in just 2-4 days.

Not Contagious
Although not yet found the exact cause of psoriasis, but so far the doctors who examined found chronic disease is genetic. "So it can be lowered. If one person in the family is affected, likely the offspring of 15% could be affected as well," said Danang stressing psoriasis is not contagious at all.

Nevertheless, there are a number of triggers that are thought to cause psoriasis. Among them, scraping / friction and pressure of repeated, uncontrollable emotion, infection (often occurs in the upper respiratory tract infection / ARI), high-calorie foods and alcoholic beverages, as well as oral medication (eg, antihypertensive drugs and antibiotics ).

In some cases, people with psoriasis may develop serious complications. For example, psoriatic arthritis (attacks the joints), psoriasis postula (pus), and psoriasis eritoderma (loss sufferers skin protection function, so patients are susceptible to infection and can lead to death).

Until now, psoriasis can not be cured. Existing treatment merely suppress symptoms, improve skin condition and reduce itchiness. Patients with psoriasis typically would use these drugs most of his life.

This type of treatment is commonly used topical medications, oral medications, radiation (with ultraviolet B / A, and excimer laser), to how advanced biological therapy. The cost is still relatively expensive because of the drugs needed are not easily available.

In addition to the above treatments, psoriasis patients also need a special diet. One of them, according to dr. Ekky M. Rahardja, MS, SpGK is to become vegetarian.

"There has been no research on it. But, from the data I found, vegetarian diet helped people with psoriasis," said Ekky.

In addition, for some cases, patients need to receive assistance from psychologists. This is because a person has stress because of the social impacts (such as the socially shunned and loss of self-confidence) is going through.

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Title: Psoriasis, the Mysterious Often Ignored
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