Tight Pants Bad Effects

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We all tend to follow the current fashion trends in clothes. It's fine to do, because the appearance is something that is important to people. But you must remember that there are certain types of clothing that can bring bad effect to your health.

Do not choose a underwear careless. Although not visible, but the right clothes can keep you from health problems. Conversely, the use of underwear that is too tight, for example, can lead to the risk of cystitis (bladder inflammation), fungal infections and impaired fertility in men.

"Wearing tight underwear is fashion carelessness because it can cause a nasty fungal infection," said Dr. Geeta Nargurd, consultant gynecologist from St George University Hospital in London. Tights, especially those made of synthetic materials, making it difficult circulates air and moisture triggering itchy skin conditions and fungal infections. This infection can make the bacteria enter the body and cause inflammation in the bladder (cystitis). Bacteria easily thrive in warm and moist environment created by the tights.

The same is true in terms of the use of a bra that can increase the risk of back pain and shoulder. And trigger respiratory problems, especially when wearing a bra that is not right.

So, always use underwear with the right size and not too tight, so not cause bad effect. Do not let appearances affairs sacrificing something more important, which is your health. Be careful not to become victims of fashion. (Dailymail)

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Title: Tight Pants Bad Effects
Posted by Donny Christian
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