Loose Teeth Affect Memory

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In old age, man naturally had a reduction in the body function, and one of them is a loose teeth itself. For the elderly, the loss of teeth may not bother them in terms of appearance, because appearance is not a priority for them. But what if the loose teeth is also a high risk of causing "loss" of memory aka dementia. This is reflected in a study published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Functions.

Dr. Nozomi Okamoto, the lead researcher in this study included more than 4,000 Japanese citizens aged 65 years or older, who underwent a dental examination and a psychiatric evaluation. Compared with study participants who still has a lot of natural teeth, those with fewer teeth or no teeth at all are more likely to experience some memory loss or entering the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. Similarly, the study participants who had symptoms of memory loss tended to say they rarely visit a dentist, or maybe not at all.

Okamoto said, "The infection of the gums that causes tooth loss can secrete substances that trigger inflammation, which in turn would enhance the brain inflammation that cause neuronal death and hasten memory loss. The loss of sensory receptors around the teeth is linked to the death of some neurons. "

Indeed loose teeth is normal for the elderly. But do not let this be underestimated. Keep consult a dentist, to avoid bad consequences of infection. Do not let the quality of life for the elderly to be declining due to little things like loose teeth. (Go4HealthyLife)

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Title: Loose Teeth Affect Memory
Posted by Donny Christian
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