Watching Football Affect Hormones and Stress Level

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Almost all the men in this world like a football game, even if only as a spectator. Every fan has a favorite team, favorite players and often collect some football merchandise in their homes. Even sometimes this hobby leads down to the fanatics. But do you know that men’s attachment to football is not just as it looked in the eye, but also far to the hormone levels.

In research conducted from a team of University of Valencia in Spain and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, found a close linkage between the euphoria of watching football and the production of hormones for men. In research led by Leander van der Meij, measured levels of testosterone and cortisol from football fans all ages, gender, and interest in the game. The results obtained showed an increase in testosterone at all levels, but there are increased levels of the hormone cortisol, which is more significant in male football fans who are still young.

Parallel to that, another study found that football game proven to stimulate heart rate and blood pressure by 30 percent. The increase is highest when the audience is a big fan of the feel they have an emotional bond with teams competing. And compared to other activities, watching football give a greater short-term impact to the stress level.

Now, in order to reduce the effects of stress are advised to practice breathing techniques while watching football. The mthod is to inhale a deep breath, do to lift the diaphragm and chest looked swollen, then release. In this way, you will delight football can be satisfied, and your mental health will be maintained. Was not a good game should be enjoyed by everyone, with no side effects? (MedIndia)

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Title: Watching Football Affect Hormones and Stress Level
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