Organizing Exciting Living Room

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In every home, the role of the living room is very important and is the main face of the passage in the house. In addition to deserving guests, this space must be set for a comfortable and enjoyable. Of the functions and nature, living room is often combined with other rooms because of the limitations, such as dual use as well as a family room. But the convenience factor of living room should be maintained.

In addition to multiple functions, the comfort of a nice living room is very important because the living room reflects the character of the house owner. For homes with limited size, of course in addition to deserving guests, this space must be arranged in such a way so as not to spend too much room. While for homeowners that is wide enough, it will not be a problem.

If the house is small, would also have to use a small-sized furniture. Can also use furniture that can be propped against the wall, so that the living room look more spacious. The principle is the placement of furniture did not disrupt the flow of motion and circulation from the entrance to the other room.

Then for a rather spacious living room, more suitable filled with larger furniture, such as sofa, gives the impression of elegance. However, it should be noted that the selection of the right couch, so living room does not seem crowded.

According to interior experts, in selecting a sofa for the living room, for example with bright colors, choose a two-seat sofa. Do not dwell on the couch standard size because it will make the room more cramped. If you want to put the sofa against the wall, choose a sofa without backrest. This will save space.

Use decorations needs careful attention. It is a good thing for attach family photos or paintings on the wall, adapted to the size of the living room wall. Similarly, the placement of the lights, should be placed right in the middle of the ceiling in order to emit light evenly throughout the room. In the living room a more spacious, other accessories can be inserted as an end table or lamp shade, so that the living room look more elegant.

Furthermore, maintenance of furniture needs to be done at any time. The furnishings are maintained neat and well maintained will increase the attractiveness of the living room. Similarly, walls and lighting, will provide a comfortable and pleasant.

Color wall
For some people, the determination of the color of a room is difficult and confusing. When it should be, homeowners should at least know it character.

Some of these guidelines may be a guide to determine the color of your wall:
  • For the initial stage, doing observations on the needs and scale of the living room. If necessary, make a simple sketch drawings from the perspective of the room. From the picture, do a little simulation if the living room wall covered with certain colors.
  • Then observe the harmony of living room wall color with other interior elements in it. Then find the right combination to blend the wall color harmony with other existing elements with the selected color.
  • Elements of color is very important in getting an impression of beauty in the living room. Colors can also be an impact on a person's mood, and create a nice impression for those who are in it. For that reason, it is advisable to recognize the color character to be selected and adapted to the living room of your home. For example, white is suitable for a small space, because white has a neutral psychological effect. White color tends to give the impression of clean and wide. Similarly, the other plain paint colors. Besides not seem crowded, it gave beautiful nuance.
  • It can also integrate color on one wall side. Similarly, can provide accentuate the room by presenting bold colors on one wall side. But be careful of the accent, because only a small role in beautifying the room. And it would be cool if there is sufficient natural light of the sun into the living room.
  • In the selection of color combination, it is best to use the color scheme. Can be combined matching colors, or if you want to use contrasting colors, choose the appropriate color contrast. This selection can be done by considering your color scheme.
With the basic methods above, your living room can be designed or arranged properly so enjoyable, not only for the guests, but also for the whole family. Finally, use your creativity to create a harmonious and memorable living room. RTK

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Title: Organizing Exciting Living Room
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