Healthy Kitchen In Your House

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The kitchen is a room that is can’t separated with the mothers. This is where the mother provides food for her husband and children. If in the past the kitchen is seen as a dirty and smells place, then now that perception must changed. Especially considering that the kitchen reflects the source of healthy food for the family. So, to create a healthy kitchen, you may consider the following.

Light in the kitchen
Light is very important to note, because to cook would need adequate lighting, such as sunlight or lamplight.

Natural lighting or sunlight besides needed for lighting and kill bacteria, can also avoid the kitchen of nuisance animals, such as cockroaches and rats who enjoyed the corners of the dark room.

The kitchen should have artificial lighting is bright enough to replace natural light. Artificial lighting should be adequate and no glare., To do any work and see the changing colors of food. Lighting is too dim or too bright can cause the eyes to become tired.

In the case of artificial lighting or electric lights, there are 3 kinds of lighting needed in the kitchen:

  1. General light. Used to illuminate the kitchen, especially when there is no sunlight. The lighting should not be too dim or too bright because it can hurt the eyes.
  2. Special light. Typically use halogen bulbs and put under the kitchen set. Used to illuminate specific areas in the kitchen, for example in a place normally used for cutting food, to see more clearly the color of food and food conditions.
  3. Accents light. Lighting is used to enhance the appearance of the kitchen. Generally placed in the cabinet at the glass door that contains the display.

Air circulation
Make sure the kitchen area has good ventilation to smooth circulation of air. Why? In the process of cooking, the smoke generated as a waste product. Exchange of air with fresh air can occur when there is a window or ventilation holes are connected to open space.

Ventilation holes are not only on one side, but on two sides or more, in order to create cross ventilation of air flow out and replaced with fresh air. Rotating air is intended to avoid the smell and the onset of nitrogen dioxide gas poisoning that came out of the smoke and gas stove. When you have enough funds put the cooker hood or exhaust fan to help release the smoke and steam from the cooking process.

Kitchen wall material
Ceramics are widely used as a kitchen wall because of its strong and easy to clean. Avoid using textured walls for cracks will be difficult to clean and can be a pile of dirt. In addition to ceramics, you can also use stainless steel or granite.

Kitchen appliances
When you are going to buy cooking equipment, then the choice should be concerned with the comfort and security. Use of electronic devices, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves as efficiently as possible. Because electronic equipment requires electrical energy is very large and can cause effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Cleanliness of the kitchen
It can not be denied, that the kitchen is the number one waste generators at home. In order for waste generated does not cause disease and odor, then you should clean the kitchen once finished cooking. You also must throw garbage from the kitchen every day, because the waste is stored more than one day will be the growth media of bacteria and fungi.

Of course you will make the best for your family's health is not it? Therefore from now on, keep your kitchen hygiene and health. Hopefully your cooking will ber more enjoyable event. RTK

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Title: Healthy Kitchen In Your House
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