17 Benefits Stop Smoking

Posted by Donny Christian Friday, January 11, 2013 2 comments

Did you know that smoking not only affects the body, but also affects the emotional stability. For a heavy smoker, at the time did not have a cigarette when he wants it, there will be feelings of discomfort and emotional due to lack of nicotine in the body. Do you want to further decline due to this addiction?

The team of researchers from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD), England, mentions many benefits when not smoking, among which are:

  1. More saving, spending had to buy cigarettes can now be used to buy other necessities.
  2. More clever, because avoid cigarette addiction chemicals that can damage brain cells.
  3. Greater harmony in the family, because more quality sexual relations due to a better and cleaner circulation of blood flow.
  4. More restful sleep, for the optimal production of the sleep hormone.
  5. More healthy bone, because bone mineral density is not reduced by smoking.
  6. Brighter skin and avoid disease psoriasis. There is a close relationship between smokers with psoriasis skin disease.
  7. Fewer wrinkles, because smoking can damage tissue and skin elasticity.
  8. More stable body temperature, because the blood circulation more smoothly in order to warm the body.
  9. More clean teeth, because the chemicals in cigarettes do not go back into the mouth and will not damage your teeth.
  10. More sensitivity of the sense of smell, so it would be more enjoyable eating.
  11. Stronger and healthier hair, so it does not quickly go bald.
  12. More productive, because the job done faster and rarely sick.
  13. More humane, for saving babies and children caused by cigarette smoke.
  14. Longer breath, because carbon monoxide from cigarettes will not get into the blood which limits the amount of oxygen.
  15. More comfortable life, because avoid stress due to family pressure and people near you who want to quit smoking.
  16. More elegant as a good example, for friends who want to quit smoking.
  17. More longevity, because every one of cigarettes smoked can reduce the chance of living 11 minutes.

And many more benefits you will get if they do not smoke. By knowing exactly double advantage gained, it could be your motivation and affirm your intention to quit smoking now. RTK

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Title: 17 Benefits Stop Smoking
Posted by Donny Christian
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for informative post. Keep the types of posting.

Elene Meyers said...

Thanks, Donny. With your post, chain smokers will be motivated to quit smoking. I hope there could also be posts regarding ways to cease smoking. I am able to convince my friends to stop, but when they ask me how, I sometimes can hardly give a concrete answer.
Elene Meyers

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