Healthy Living Without Anemia

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Anemia known as disease characterized with low levels of hemoglobin (Hb) and red blood cells (erythrocytes). The function of the blood is carrying nutrients and oxygen to all organs of the body. Keep in mind, the brain consists of 2.5 billion bioneuron  cells. If the capacity reduced, then the brain is like computers with weak memory. Anemia may occur due to the intake of nutritional and non-nutritional factors.

According to Dr. Su Ming Tan of Changi Hospital, Singapore, anemia divided into 5 types, namely:
  1. Iron deficiency anemia occurs because of insufficient supply of iron (Fe). Iron is the core of the hemoglobin molecule that is a key element in red blood cells. Thus, the shortage of iron can lead to decreased production of hemoglobin.
  2. Vitamin E anemia. Vitamin E is an essential factor for red blood cell integrity. Vitamin E deficiency can lead to the integrity of the walls of red blood cells become weak and abnormal, so it is very sensitive to hemolysis (rupture of red blood cells).
  3. Anemia folic acid, often also referred to as megaloblastic anemia or macrocytic. In these circumstances the patient red blood cells become abnormal, characterized by larger cell, are few, and not ‘mature’.
  4. Vitamin B12 anemia (pernicious). The symptoms are similar to symptoms of anemia folic acid, but it is accompanied by disorders of the digestive system.
  5. Vitamin B6 anemia (siderotic). The situation is similar to iron anemia, but if the patient's blood tested in a laboratory, iron in their blood showed normal conditions.

We all should be free of anemia, so each member of the family should be aware of the importance of eating foods that contain iron. Similarly, for every member of the family do not get bored with vegetables. Vibrant life without anemia, that is the hope of every family. Because a healthy life without anemia, we can perform the activity with enthusiasm every day. (RTK)

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Title: Healthy Living Without Anemia
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