Appropriate and Healthy Beds

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Humans spends nearly a third of his life sleeping, it is clear that a healthy bedroom is something very important. Not only should rest comfortably when used, rooms should be kept clean and free of things that can interfere with sleep. When less comfortable bedrooms, the quality of sleep will be reduced, and will adversely affect health. To make room healthy and comfortable to live in, there are several things you can do.

Choosing Beds
Choosing a good bed is a great investment in your home, because it is the most personal item. Starting from the comfort rest until the sleep quality is determined by how good the quality of the bed. The bed is good should be able to last between eight to ten years. There are various factors that you should consider in choosing a bed.

In choosing the size of the bed, can be seen from where the bed will be placed in the? In the guest bedroom or master bedroom? Choose what suits your needs, and do not forget that you also have to provide a separate room for other items in the room.

About the type of bed, also considered important to keep the theme of your bedroom. You certainly do not want the bed in the guest bedroom more comfortable than the bed in your bedroom. So make sure you know what you want, and if you are planning to buy, make sure you try it first.

Consider also the strength of the bed, do not let the bed easy to ramshackle due to many movement when sleeping. And note also the quality of finishing, such as varnish to be perfect, neat joints between parts, as well as the quality of the paint or varnish is used, not to easily fade. Because the condition of the bed will determine the bedroom in general, or in other words, whether or not sleep depends also comfortable bed conditions.

Choosing a Mattress
In choosing a mattress, we can choose to use a cotton mattress or foam mattress, and both have their respective advantages. For cotton mattress feels more comfortable, but easily deflated, so at least once on 2 weeks dried it in the sun to keep it soft. While the foam mattress, the softness will be more durable.

Meanwhile, if you choose spring bed, make sure that mattress is real spring bed. In the market there is a spring bed mattresses and latex mattresses. In terms of the strut, latex mattress will support the body up to a certain point and then stop. While spring bed will support the body up to a certain point and then give back repulsion that follows the contours of the body so it feels more comfortable sleep.

Thickness does not guarantee quality. Noteworthy is the quality of the materials in it. High spring would be nice if it is supported by the number of spiral spring that many, so that the repulsion would be even better. Then, do not forget to choose a spring bed which has a layer of anti-dust mites. Ask the seller a spring bed which would you buy, for your sleeping comfort.

Beds For Children
Choosing a bed for children is not as easy as choosing the bed for an adult, because the beds should be adjusted to needs of children's sleep. One thing that should definitely be considered is the comfort issue. Design and color should be adjusted to the needs of the child and the child's bedroom aesthetic.

When you want to buy a bed for a child should choose materials that can support a small child's body. One of the recommended material is wood, which is the safest material as a bed. Quality wood should be noted, if you have enough funds, choose made from teak wood or oak for the bed of your child.

In addition to the selection of materials, safety and comfort should also be considered. Choose a bed that can last a long time by adjusting the size of the bed to get were used for a long time, to follow the growth of children.

Healthy Pillow
According to sleep expert and author of Beauty Sleep: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep, Michael Breus, PhD, a good pillow that not only affects the quality of sleep but also determines how healthy we rest and recover energy. While a bad pillow actually aggravate headaches, neck pain, tingling in the shoulder and arm, and invited various other discomfort.

Here's some expert advice in selecting a suitable and healthy pillow:

If you sleep on your back, "you need a thinner pillow. That way the head will not rise too forward, "said Kammi Bernard, PT, a physical therapist from Baylor Health Care System in Dallas.

If you sleep sideways you need a harder pillow to fill the gap between the outer ear and shoulder. And if you sleep facedown, you need the pillows were very thin, almost flat.

Then for the choice of filler material for pillow, then:

  • Foam, it is recommended to be selected according to the density. The more dense, less likely to break, and the greater support for your head.
  • Rubber or latex, is the hardest type of pillow and chewy, fiber resistant to fungal attack. In addition, latex pillows can also help parallels between the back and neck.
  • Wool or cotton, can withstand attack by fungi and likely strong. So, if you are looking for a soft material, this material is not the right choice.
  • Feather. Many sleep experts recommend this as the best material to get a good night's sleep. This stuffing can be added or subtracted as needed and strong enough to support your head. (RTK)

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