Giving Medicine to Baby

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Baby's immune system is not perfect, makes it vulnerable to diseases especially infections. No wonder if before passing the age of 5, you are often given medicine such as syrup or powder. But to give medicine to your child is not easy. There are children that easy given the drug, but not a few children is difficult to given the drugs. Often children will give rejection action, such as closing the mouth, revolt, or even bring up a drug that has entered into his mouth.

Tips on giving medicine to baby following may be tried:

  1. Hold your baby when given the drug. Position carry is, the head is higher than the body, so that the baby does not choke that can result in medicine into the lungs.
  2. Another alternative is to sit the baby in an upright position. Then, show the doll on top of their heads. This will draw your baby attention to the doll, so that his mouth opens slowly. At that time immediately, enter the medicine baby’s mouth.
  3. If your baby often brings back the medicine he takes, ask for help from others to open his mouth gently, then gently insert medicine to the baby's mouth.
  4. Giving liquid medication can use a spoon or pipette. When using a spoon, place the sterilized and filled with medicine on the lower lip. Raise a little spoon for drugs flowing into the mouth. When using a pipette, fill pipette with a dose of medication according to doctor's instructions. Put the pipette in the corner of the baby's mouth and eject drug slowly.
  5. Give drugs with calm and in no hurry. Give the medicine with a smile and a cheerful tone. Many ways can be done to create this carefree atmosphere. For example, pretend to take that medicine, so your baby interested and come drinking. Or replace the word 'medicine' with other terms that are more attractive.
  6. Mix the medication into the food or beverage. But before you try this, check with your doctor or pharmacist what medicine can be taken with food or not. If allowed, then applesauce, pudding, jelly, juice is a 'favorite friend' to take medicine. But it should not be too much, because the children have to eat it all. Or it can also be mixed in breast milk.
  7. Never force the baby to take medicine. For example, by held him struggling. When it's done will only lead to trauma. In the end, the child will be more difficult when the need to take medication. Coercion may also make them cry thereby increasing the risk of choking. (RTK)

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Title: Giving Medicine to Baby
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