Bad Memories Eraser Pill

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Memories that can arise due to bad memories and experiences unpleasant or distressing in the past is recorded in the memory of the brain. Although gradually be forgotten in a long time, but the memories will remain and not be removed.

The team of scientists from Montreal University in Canada, has created a bad memory eraser pill. Although the manufacture of pills is still in the experimental stage, but from research it is known that the pill called metyrapone could reduce the pain of a broken heart. Thus in its development, it is hoped could effectively erase bad memories.

Dr. Marie France who led the research suggests, these pills have been used to treat hormonal disorders and lower levels of a brain chemical associated with memory. The test results pill is known to have less impact on a person's memory during hormone treatment. If later marketed freely, accident victims and soldiers who have trauma can take it to erase the bad memories that haunt them. (TheSun)

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Title: Bad Memories Eraser Pill
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