Effective Hand Washing

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Wash your hands to be free from germs not only pay attention to the process of washing, but also drying. Many people underestimate and forget the activity of washing hands after doing a job and before eating, so that they are at risk of developing the disease comes from germs on the hands. Hand washing is the activity of cleaning you part your palms, back of hands and fingers clear of dirt and kill germs that cause disease, and to make a fragrant hand.

Here are five tips for effective hand washing:

  1. It is recommended to wash hands properly, not in a hurry, and thoroughly carried out for at least 20 seconds. By doing washing hands thoroughly and regularly can keep us from germs that cause disease primarily affects the digestive system.
  2. Use running water and soap to eliminate germs. The liquid antiseptic only kills germs without remove it.
  3. Do not forget to dry hands with disposable paper towels. Do not use paper that has been exposed to water, or used another person. Do not also use a cloth that is shared with others.
  4. Do not use a solid soap. Better to use liquid soap. For solid soap there is likely to be a germ growth media.
  5. Do not use a hand dryer that spray down or jet air, because it can actually cause bacteria spread within a radius of 1-2 meters. (RTK)

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Title: Effective Hand Washing
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