Drinking Coffee Cause Laziness

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In general, coffee is considered as a reliever sleepiness and instant energy generator. No wonder, when we are tired or sleepy, we are looking for coffee in order to gain more power in an instant. Even many people who can not undergo day before drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. But according to a recent study, instead of getting power and better working spirit, it was found that drinking coffee actually stimulate laziness.

Professor Jay Hosking from the University of British Columbia, who led the study used two groups of mice with different personality, namely worker rats and slacker rat. When injected with caffeine, it makes the workers rats movement slower and not agile as usual.

"A similar effect can also occur in humans because in certain circumstances the human personality can change as rats experienced. During this time, some diseases are known to make a person lose the spirit such as depression and attention deficit disorder," says Hosking.

So the next is up to you. If all this time, when you are tired or sleepy, you get benefits from drinking coffee, then it's good for you. Even according to this study, it was only a mere false energy. (FoxNews)

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Title: Drinking Coffee Cause Laziness
Posted by Donny Christian
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