Bad Memories is a Source of Disease

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Each person would have a bad memory, which comes from his experience in the past. Memories can be haunting our minds and we can not just forget. It may suddenly arise in our minds, and disrupt our moods throughout the day. But you know, in addition to mentally disturb us, bad memories also can affect our physical health?

A study led by Dr. Cristian Oyanadel from the University of Granada found that the perception of a person by the thought of an unpleasant past can affect physical health. And again, the more negative memories, the perception of life and health status also tend to be worse.

Oyanadel’s observations of 50 people who participated concluded, the participants in this study, whose life is dominated by the thoughts and memories of the past showed the worst quality of life. Moreover, if his memory in the form of bad memories. Besides being able to easily fall sick, the ability to execute daily tasks also showed poorer achievement.

To get the best quality of life, it is recommended to have a balance perception of three time zones. That is, in addition to focusing on the present, people will tend to be healthier if can balance the positive thoughts about the past and future.

So, now you already know that if we think too much about the bad memories of the past that it is pointless for us. It's okay if we take past experience as a lesson for our lives in the future. But do not let our minds and lives dominated by the past, that it would interfere with our lives in the present. (DailyMail)

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Title: Bad Memories is a Source of Disease
Posted by Donny Christian
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