Kissing Infant Ears Causes Deaf

Posted by Donny Christian Monday, January 14, 2013 1 comments

Have you ever heard the term cochlear ear-kiss injury? This is the sort of risks that may arise as a result of the pressure disturbance blown from the mouth when kissing the ear, which can compress and damage the eardrum. Dr. Levi Reiter from Hofstra University reported a patient who became deaf since 5 years ago. The patient began to lose her hearing since got an affection kiss on the ear from her kids.

"Cases of hearing loss due to ear-kiss injury when get a kiss on the ear can be happened because on early age, the eardrum has not really perfect so it is easy to damaged due to the influence of air pressure," said Dr. Reiter.

Therefore, be careful if you want to show your love for your baby. Better to give a kiss on the cheek or on the forehead that is not at risk. Do not let your endearment even damage their future. (MSNBC)

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Title: Kissing Infant Ears Causes Deaf
Posted by Donny Christian
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