Living Alone is Unhealthy

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All around us there are many people who live alone, do not want to socialize or interact with others. Probably because does not like social interaction or other causes. For these people, life may be felt as indifferent, or they even enjoy to life like that. But the fact is, being alone is not good for mental health.

The latest study, led by Dr. Laura Pulkki-Raback, found that those who live alone will buy 80 percent more antidepressants. The reason is living alone related to the feelings of isolation and lack of social integration and trust, so that raises the risk of mental health. Living with another person can provide emotional support and a sense of social integration, can protect yourself from mental health problems.

Studies in Finnish Institute of Occupational Health recommends the following: "It is therefore important for those who live alone for a given treatment, such as talk therapy provides a supportive and safe environment to discuss and resolve the problem."

So for human social interaction is very important, because humans are born as social beings. If you include people who live alone, start trying to interact socially, for example by engaging activities involving many people, join the community, and others. From there you will find that getting along with others is good for you. (BBC)

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Title: Living Alone is Unhealthy
Posted by Donny Christian
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