Enjoy a Healthy Stress

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It is generally understood that life can not be separated from the challenges, problems, pressures, and all of it can cause stress. All ages, different levels of education, employment background, none of intelligent beings who have the mind to escape from the grip of stress.

Furthermore, it is known that high levels of stress is the cause of various diseases. However, not all stress bad. Right stress levels are still needed in order to stimulate the brain. In fact if less affected by stress will have a negative impact on health. Although public opinion all along, that the stress-free life is considered very happy and healthy, but in fact stress can be healthy too.

According to recent research published by Time Magazine in late 2011 ago, one of the most happy and healthy it is the person who has at least some stress and negative experiences. Although many diseases are triggered or worsened by high levels of stress, but not all stress is bad. It was found that the stress levels were still needed for the development of a healthy body.

In line with these findings, latest studies have shown that brain systems function in the same way as muscle, should be strengthened through exercise gradually with the increasing load on the right stage of development. But the muscles would wither without exercise, and it will hurt if given too much weight suddenly. The same thing happens in the brain, with the load of stress.

Considering that stress is a mental response in dealing with various problems, so when the body is dealing with something that threatens or pressure, will appear two kinds of responses, which fight or flight. In this condition the body will release the hormone adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones. So, if this happens occasionally stress it will cause the body an effective response. This stress is beneficial or healthy stress, called eustress.

And again, an increase in the hormone adrenaline was going to make the body more energetic. The release of the hormone cortisol, which triggers blood sugar will also make energy increases. Now the choice in your hands. Stress can make life more dynamic, but it can also backfire if your ability to face the problem is decreasing. (RTK)

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Title: Enjoy a Healthy Stress
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