Negative Effects Learning with Flashcard

Posted by Donny Christian Saturday, January 12, 2013 1 comments

Have you ever heard the flashcard learning method? Now this is becoming a trend to teach children under 3 years of age with picture cards method called flashcard. Media used were picture cards that include the words. The pictures on the cards grouped, such as the series of animals, fruits, clothing, colors, numbers shapes, and so on.

In use, the cards played by shown to the children and read quickly, in just 1 to 3 seconds for each card. The goal of the method introduced by Dr.. Glenn Doman, a brain surgeon from Philadelphia, United States, is to train the right brain's ability to remember images and words, so that the children’s vocabulary and reading skills can be trained and improved at an early age.

Excessive Stimulation
But most psychologists and child development argue, flashcard method is not natural stimulation as well as in children under 3 years of age. Way of learning like this can be called a overstimulation. So it is not considered wise to get kids to learn with flashcard, because it is not time to reach the stage it naturally. Even expert play, Dr. Brian Sutton-Smith confirmed that this method can be called cognitive child labor.

When parents handed flashcard, children are asked to be quiet and pay attention, it appears that the child is required to learn. In this way the emphasis is on cognitive factors. Whereas in the early days of growth, the important thing is the motor sensor, not the memory. So this has included learning with targeted outcomes, not playing anymore.

From one side, it seems flashcard method is good, because it is short, and the child may quickly capture, remembering and learning words. But for children, it is actually a temporary way to help accelerate the ability, and feared the child would likely saturate prematurely. Especially in under 3 years of age is a period in which the child can not be required to be silent and learn the material.

Further results of the study found that too early overstimulation only a temporary acceleration. Because when they grow, for example, 10-year-old and his performance compared with other children, then there is no significant difference. Instead been concern that ambitious parents who make their children smarter than other children, the children tend to be forced to reach a certain target. This can cause the child frustrated.

A Better Way
The better way for learning is the child learns factually, not just with pictures. Children do interact directly with real objects being studied. Flashcard only images that are not factual. Better they learn such as, what is ball means by holding the ball and play. Because that is important in this stage is the motor sensor, all senses are stimulated. Thus, children not only learn by seeing and remembering cards.

At under 3 years of age, is the motor sensor that needs to be stimulated, because the thinking ability is still preoperational stage, so kids should be given something concrete, real, experienced and felt. It's better for the kids or babies deployed directly to experience it. If want to introduce images to children, parents may be able to do it by connecting directly to the real thing. At the age of one year, for example, while lap, parents showed images of cars and showed a real car.

In addition, do not forget that in addition to the skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, children need to develop other skills that are not less important, such as motor skills, communication and socialization skills, independence, understanding of good and bad, and so on. RTK

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Title: Negative Effects Learning with Flashcard
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