Bath Can Clean Negative Feelings

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All this time, bath is considered to cleanse the body of impurities. But recently known that it also gives a psychological effect to "cleanse" negative feelings. Even these feelings also can be lost only by hand wash.

The team from the University of Michigan in the United States have proven through scientific research. They asked the respondents to think about the shameful deeds they have done or experienced in the past. A psychological test used to check how much their guilt in the incident.

Spike Lee, who heads the team explained, "By washing your hands or showering water, one can get rid of the feelings that make them uneasy. Example a shame because the wrongdoing or doubtful decision-making." Well spoken, clean up the physical means as well get rid of the "residue" of an unpleasant experience experienced before. But the showers could come shed a happy tranquility. (DailyMail)

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Title: Bath Can Clean Negative Feelings
Posted by Donny Christian
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