Hidden Since the Year 1959

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For over 42 years, fatal dangers hidden in cigarettes and escaped from the publication. The danger is not the nicotine and other hundreds harmful toxins , but cigarettes also contain radioactive elements known as alpha ion. The presence of hazardous substances is claimed already known by the tobacco industry, but they hidden it.

Surprisingly, researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles learn the secret documents from the tobacco industry since 1998. One of the documents said, the radioactive material in cigarettes are known to 5 years earlier than expected so far.

Prof. Hrayr S. Karagueuzian who led the study, said: "The industry has been aware of the radioactive elements in cigarettes since 1959. They knew that element trigger cancer, but they hides that fact for years."

Radioactive element in cigarettes called ion alpha is polonium, which radiation level mentioned 7 times larger than the X-ray When the accumulated radiation effects in the long run will lead to lung damage or even cancer. Not only active smokers who could be affected, second-hand smoke or even third hand smoker also threatened his health. (Indiavision)

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Title: Hidden Since the Year 1959
Posted by Donny Christian
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