Stop Smoking, Happier Life

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If all this time, choice to quit smoking many associated with improved physical health, but research led by Dr. Megan Piper also proving its positive impact on the quality of the better feeling.

In her research, Dr. Piper and her team proving scientifically opinions from people who say that quitting smoking makes better feeling. Revealed, that 3 years after quitting smoking, the study participants reported they now feel less stress and much more stable mood than when they were a smoker,

Survey respondents as many as 1504 people from Wisconsin, United States, divided into 6 groups: those who used nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges, drugs and combinations of drugs and placebo. Altogether get counseling to increase motivation to quit smoking. After 3 years of the respondents were interviewed about life satisfaction and relationships with others. Recognized level of stress for those who quit smoking will be lower. (Kompas)

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Title: Stop Smoking, Happier Life
Posted by Donny Christian
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