Father’s Intelligence Affect Children's Success

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A child to be successful in life in the future require a figure as an example. This is where the role of parents, especially the father to perform its role by giving himself as an example for the child.

A good father figure for a child not only profiled as a hero, is also very important role for the success of the child. A study shows that education is a father is more related to his success than how much money is passed on to the child.

Swedish study offers more insight into the human capital, the assessment of a person based on talent and skills. This research was conducted to answer the many questions raised by economists, that is how much human capital derived from one generation to the next?

David Sims, professor of economics at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, who led the study stated, "If the goal is to make a profit and increase wealth for the next generation, then the money spent on training and improving education for the current generation would be more effective than simply give money. "

However, this study did not focus on genetic factors. Sims admits, he can not distinguish genetic influences with the influence of environmental change that makes a child become more educated.

So do not let the parents just give wealth and felt that it was enough to make the child's later success. Remember that children need more than possessions to be successful. (HealthDay)

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Title: Father’s Intelligence Affect Children's Success
Posted by Donny Christian
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