Determining Spouse with DNA Match

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With the discovery of DNA, then we will be more open view of constituent structures of the human body. And the more possibilities that might be achieved on DNA research in humans. As research conducted in the UK recently, which perform DNA analysis to see someone with his life partner compatibility.

So far, for many people, finding a life partner just happens accordance heart desires. But a new, more scientific way has been found, ie, by looking at the suitability of the structure of DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid). The structure of DNA was revealed various properties of the individual person. Not just personality and physical appearance, but also the most important is the person's risk or susceptibility to various diseases.

Professor Armand Leroi of Imperial College London recently said DNA tests no longer can be used for means of matchmaking. But according to Leroi, the use of DNA testing in the match will not be devoted to designing super baby with matching genes fine example of parents who are smart and beautiful. DNA testing is intended to avoid the birth of children with congenital defects are inherited from their parents.

For example, a data pointing to, that every year there are tens of thousands of aborted fetuses while still in the womb as having birth defects such as Down Syndrome and other disorders. By looking at the DNA match, it would later be avoided. (Telegraph)

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Title: Determining Spouse with DNA Match
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