When The Right Time For Kids Weaning

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After one year more benefits of breastfeeding for infants, mothers should start thinking to gradually kick the habit (weaning). When the actual time to wean?

Weaning is not a negative thing, because weaning does not mean giving emotional closeness between mother and child. But this means trying to get to a higher form of relationship, while maintaining the existing closeness between mother and child.Weaned child has been assessed as ready with the basic stages of early development towards a more sustainable growth in the next.

Prematurely weaned child will enter the next stage of development with anxiety and feeling unprepared. Weaning time for every child is not the same, depending on how the child's readiness.

Duet health expert, William and Martha Sears stated, proper weaning is when the child needs to suck the already diminished or disappeared, usually between the ages of 9 months to 1.5 years. Because at that time most babies are able to cope with food allergies and can grow with replacement food.

In the process of weaning, the baby who tries to break away from the mother, because it's weaning time each child is different. It can be seen from the lack of interest the child to breastfeed. (Reuters)

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Title: When The Right Time For Kids Weaning
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