Reading on Toilet is Dangerous

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A doctor said the reason why you should have stopped reading in the toilet, or how to do it safely. Dr. David, Gutman, hemorrhoids specialist doctor points out, "At the time the pressure in the stomach increasing, anal pads automatically immediately fill with blood to help coating, prevent leakage". Hemorrhoids are anal pads anatomical structure changes, such as a small balloon, embedded in the walls of the anus.

When the pads are stretched, it will cause irritation, this is what we know as hemorrhoids, which can lead to complaints such as itching, pain, bleeding, and discharge from the rectum tissue. This last condition is often known as jimmy fallonitis. Sitting on the toilet for too long can lead to increased pads anal, which ultimately can lead to hemorrhoids later on.

How long that can be said to be "too long" to sit on the toilet? Basically you should not read on the toilet, where you find yourself sitting too long on the toilet. There was very fast bowel movements at that time. So if you really want to keep reading on the toilet, flush toilet, and close the toilet, so you can sit like sitting in a chair. This may prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids. (IndiaVision)

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Title: Reading on Toilet is Dangerous
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